MWB Advisory Limited

Martin is a dynamic, creative, and hugely valued member of Quorso’s Advisory Board. He consistently brings innovative ideas and strategic insights to our business. These help shape our business and drive our success.

He effectively leverages his deep retail knowledge and experience to challenge our thinking, helping us deliver more value for our retail partners and stay ahead of competition. Above all, though, he has terrific energy and passion, which makes him an effective contributor from Day 1.

Martin is also highly unusual in being an effective business leader, with deep cultural understanding, in a wide range of cultures and geographies, ranging from Asia to Europe to the US. He is at home advising us about how to grow in Northern Europe, as in India, the Middle East and North America.

I wholeheartedly recommend Martin for an advisory role. His deep industry expertise, intellect, skills, cultural agility, and sheer energy will make him an asset for any organisation.