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Proud and very much excited to become a member of the Advisory Board at ElephantSkin – The Worlds Revolutionary Alternative to Single-Use Plastic Gloves!

What at an honour to work with such passionate entrepreneurs as Raphael, Mario & Uwe. The perfect product, partners, world solution and purpose @ a time most needed.

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.“
Raphael Reifeltshammer Founder of ElephantSkin


“Finally Take Off those Disposable Gloves….

ElephantSkin Gloves provide a sustainable and effective alternative to single-use plastic gloves. With their environmental benefits, cost reduction potential, and focus on employee well-being and hygiene, ElephantSkin Gloves are the ideal solution for industries seeking to eradicate single-use plastics. By embracing this revolutionary alternative, businesses can contribute to a cleaner and greener future while maintaining operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.”
Martin Bailie – Advisory Board ElephantSkin


The ElephantSkin concept offers a comprehensive solution in the following ways:

1. Sustainable & Cost-Effective:
– ElephantSkin Gloves provide a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic gloves, reducing plastic waste by over 90% and cutting costs by more than 50%. By adopting ElephantSkin Gloves, businesses can support environmental preservation and save on expenses.

2. Employee Well-being:
– ElephantSkin Gloves offer superior comfort and aesthetics compared to plastic or disposable gloves.

3. Hygiene & Protection:
– With special antibacterial and antiviral treatment, ElephantSkin Gloves ensure protection for both employees and guests. This treatment remains effective for 30 washing cycles, maintaining 99.9% efficacy. Businesses can prioritize hygiene and safety by using ElephantSkin Gloves.

Global Sustainability Initiatives:
– Leading global companies are embracing sustainability and committing to decarbonization. ElephantSkin Gloves provide a practical and sustainable solution for these companies to meet their environmental goals.

Industry-Specific Solutions:
– ElephantSkin Gloves cater to the unique challenges faced by industries like airlines, retail, restaurants, catering, bakeries, housekeeping, and cleaning.


“Please join us TODAY in envisioning a future free from single-use plastic gloves in your ecosystem.”
Mario Greis ,Chief Product Officer, ElephantSkin

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