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MWB Advisory is absolutely delighted to share the exciting news that Martin Bailie, an accomplished and highly regarded figure in the global retail sector, has been appointed to Quorso’s esteemed Retail Advisory Board.

Bailie’s impressive journey in the realm of retail management spans across various distinguished roles, including his impactful tenure as the Chief Operations Officer (COO) at Lidl UK&IE. Additionally, his membership on the Sales & Operations Executive Board of Primark, along with his role as the CEO of Tata and Tesco’s hypermarket venture in India, have all contributed to shaping his exceptional insights into the intricate workings of the ever-evolving global retail industry.

Taking on his new role, Bailie is set to utilise his vast reservoir of knowledge and experience to help guide the strategic path of Quorso’s cutting-edge AI-powered operations platform. His invaluable expertise is expected to play a pivotal role in steering the direction of Quorso’s product development, ensuring that it remains finely attuned to the dynamic needs of the modern retail landscape.

Julian Mills, the CEO of Quorso, warmly welcomed Bailie to the team, expressing his excitement and saying, “We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to welcome Martin to our Retail Advisory Board. His diverse and impressive background in international and domestic retail management positions him perfectly to provide crucial insights that will undoubtedly shape our future journey. We eagerly anticipate the depth of guidance that he will bring.”

“We’re extremely fortunate to have Martin join our Retail Advisory Board. His diverse and impressive background in both international and domestic retail management uniquely positions him to provide critical insights that will help shape our future trajectory. We look forward to the expert guidance he will provide.”

Julian Mills,
CEO and Co-Founder, Quorso

Sharing in the excitement, Bailie also expressed his enthusiasm for his new role, stating:

“The retail sector is in a phase of dynamic transformation, where embracing digital solutions is crucial for growth and Quorso is leading the way in providing a smarter, more effective way to focus Field Leaders on what is important. I am excited to contribute to the future direction and success of the company.”

Martin Bailie,
Founder at MWB Adviosry Ltd

Martin Bailie’s pivotal role on Quorso’s Retail Advisory Board marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in the evolution of retail operations. With his profound insights and unwavering commitment, we look forward to a future where innovation and excellence converge. As Quorso and Martin join forces, the journey towards redefining retail gains fresh momentum. Stay tuned for the transformative impact that lies ahead.

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